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Jose Manuel Fernandez, Mayor of Manilva

Jose Manuel Fernandez elected Mayor of Manilva

At an emotionally charged ceremony, Jose Manuel Fernandez, leader of the Partido Popular of Manilva, was elected as Mayor of Manilva, heading a 9...
Jose Manuel Fernandez

PP signs an agreement with VOX to elect José Manuel Fernández as Mayor of...

In a press release published this evening, we can report that the leader and mayoral candidate for the Partido Popular of Manilva, José Manuel...
Salon de Plenos

Manilva’s Mayoral investiture takes place this Saturday

The investiture of the Mayor, and the governing council for the term 2023 to 2027, will take place at the Council Chambers in Manilva,...
Local elections in Spain

A guide to voting in local council elections

Spain holds its local council elections on a fixed four year cycle, with residents going to the polls on the last Sunday of May....
Voting by post in Spanish local elections

Local elections on Sunday 28th May – How do I vote by post?

Important note: As a result of BREXIT only British residents who registered to vote in the December 2022; January 2023 registration period will be...
PP seeks educational support for special needs children

PP Manilva to request an increase in economic and human resources for students with...

The PP candidate for Mayor of Manilva, José Manuel Fernández, will request the Regional Government of the Junta de Andalucía increase the financial and...

The Mayor of Benahavís visits Manilva to share his knowledge and experience

The electoral pre-campaign is already evident in the political parties that are ramping up their contacts and working sessions. These are days of intense...
Jose en Diputacion

PP Manilva on fact-finding visit to the provincial government in Malaga

Partido Popular candidate José Manuel Fernández, along with Councillor Juani Ortiz and PP Manilva General Secretary José Miguel Ahumada met with the Provincial Councillor...
José Manuel Fernández and José María García Urbano

José María García Urbano, Mayor of Estepona, will be PP Manilva’s ‘Mentor’ for the...

Recently in Antequera the Partido Popular of Málaga launched their strategy for the coming municipal elections on May 28, and according to the provincial...
Special Employment Centre

Plans underway to create a Special Employment Centre

Members of the Manilva Partido Popular working party, including Fina Gómez Morales, Antonio Carretero, Dean Shelton and candidate for Mayor of Manilva José Manuel...
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