The Mayor of Manilva, José Manuel Fernández, has marked the anniversary of his first year in government with the following post on his social media account:

“Over the past year, we have worked tirelessly, and I would like to highlight that, thanks to this dedicated government team, we have made significant strides in numerous projects aimed at enhancing the quality of life for our residents. Our firm objective is to establish ourselves as a solid and reliable choice to lead Manilva Town Hall for many more terms.

From the moment we took office, we have shown exceptional commitment to our responsibilities, always striving to listen to the needs of the public and working together to find effective solutions. The success of our administration, both achieved and forthcoming, is evident in the tangible improvements that can be seen across various municipal departments, as well as in our neighborhoods, streets, and plazas.

As Mayor, I extend my heartfelt thanks to this hardworking team, whose effort and professionalism have been essential in reaching our goals. I also want to recognise the ongoing support and involvement of our residents, who have been, and will continue to be, active participants in building a more prosperous and equitable future for our municipality.

With a spirit of determination and a commitment to excellence, we reaffirm today that we will continue to work tirelessly for the well-being of our community. Together, as Mayor, team, and residents, we will keep building a strong, inclusive, and thriving municipality.”



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