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RBL 2023 Poppy Appeal

Royal British Legion launches the 2023 Poppy Appeal

Members of the Duquesa Branch of the Royal British Legion, along with the Mayor of Manilva, José Manuel Fernández, and Foreign Residents Councillor, Dean...
Premios Manilva Awards

IV Edition of the ‘Manilva Awards’

The Manilva Awards jury, presided over by the Mayor, José Manuel Fernández, and comprising of Fina Gómez (Partido Popular), Juan Carlos Morejón (Izquierda Unida),...
Party in the Square raises 1280 eurps for Luisana

The Party in The Square in Duquesa Port raises 1,280 euros for the Luisana...

The "Party in The Square” held on Saturday 8th of July, in collaboration with the Manilva Town Hall was a huge success, raising over...
Violeta Rojas Narváez

Saint George Charity supports rising basketball star Violeta Rojas Narváez as she takes up...

Part of the Duquesa Charitable Society of St. George's mission is to help people achieve their full potential, and one such person is local...
Mayor Jose Manuel Fernandez at Bosquipark

Plans proceed for the Manilva social kitchen

One of the PP's manifesto pledges was the creation of a social kitchen to cater for the underprivileged living in the municipality.Plans are progressing,...
Saint Georges Day Duquesa Golf

Duquesa Golf Saint George’s Day Tournament

Report by Phil O'BrienClub Captain We had perfect weather for the golf last Sunday (St George's Day) and we had 30 players trying to win...
II Moors and Christians Hispano-Marroqui Cultural Encounter poster

II ‘Moors and Christians’ Hispano-Marroqui Cultural Encounter

The Ateneo Libre de Manilva cultural association has organised the II 'Moors and Christians' Hispano-Marroqui Cultural Encounter to be held from Friday 3rd to...
Spanish search and rescue team in Turkey

Saint George Charity donates 1,000 euros to the G.E.R.C.C.M.A canine search and rescue unit

The Duquesa Charitable Society of Saint George continues its support for the Malaga based NGO G.E.R.C.C.M.A. search and rescue unit which uses specially trained...
Jose Manuel Fernandes, Dean Shelton, Ildefonso Abril Tirado, Judith Beaumont, Gary Beaumont, and Charo Abril Rubio

Saint George Charity presents 12,000 euros to the Emaus Social Kitchen in Estepona

The Duquesa Charitable Society of Saint George visited the Emaus Social Kitchen in Estepona today to present a cheque for 12,000 euros to fund...
Phil Wilkins, Jason Coward, and Sharon Wrout

Prestigious Award for Royal British Legion Duquesa Branch

At the recent Royal British Legion District Spain South Annual Conference held at Molly’s Roadhouse, Coin, the Duquesa Branch of the RBL received the...
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