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Episode 78 – Propa Tingz!

Ya want Bass?! Then come join in and play Pppppropa Tingzzz! With ya fluffy host Rabbit MC from the Steel City! It's an hour of new bangers 2020 jumping from kicking Bass sounds from @phibesuk to dark grime @skeptagram licking off shots, also new DnB rele

Episode 77 – Big Like Vali!

Big Like Vali! Tonight on Rabbits Riddims it's an hour of feel good, up-tempo, high energy summer heaters! From new house music by @noizusound to new garage release by @djqmusic Not to mention a couple of swingers by @hansglader to really click in a bounc

Rabbit’s Riddims – 76, Last Night in Beverley Hills

Layed out Vibes back in full chill, as summer's still going we take a real laid back pack of music perfect to watch to sun set behind the hills, tree and ocean. Join me tonight on Rabbits Riddims as I run only the music that makes 2020 feel safe again. Ne

Rabbit Riddims – 75, No Hats, No Trainers

IIIIINSIDE! it's No Hats, No Trainers! Sesh 75 as we keep the 90s vibe alive . Just a straight up garage show I quickly put together while working maybe a pinch of Bassline by @palizemusic to keep things bouncy, other than that this one is going out to al

Rabbit Riddims – 74, Spicy Wrapped Riddims

Ok! So for all my lot back in the UK who thinks it's hot right now and my lot here in Spain, and all over the globe. Ya Wana put some spice in ya weekend then tune in tonight for some Chilli Wrapped Riddims. All kinds of genres to heat up ya night from br

Episode 73, Nights Over Egypt

And we're back again, through sands and across lands, Rabbit's Riddims is sending out a party mix of new and old Garage, House and DnB tracks back to back with brand new sounds from @prokfitch, Winslow and Mella Dee taking us back to Sidney Street where f

Episode 72, Diamonds in the Ruff

It's time to shine, with a hiphop jazz combined sesh. Its a layed out vibes and we're diamonds in ruff. Inspired by my new love for Statik Selektah and Stunna Gang, they will have a couple of riddims as well as new jazz and soul grooves by Yasmin Lacey an

Episode 71 – Being Different

Welcome to the world of the weird and wonderful, sesh 71 it's gunna be A party starting off with bright and colourful music for the summer by Pat Lok, Bugz In The Attic, Machinedrum, and much more before diving into some crazy beats from brand new LPs by

Episode 70 – Ravers of the Lost Ark

We're slamming it into 4x4 and raving far'n'wide with nothing but bass in search of the Golden Ark. It's a chip butty records special, pretty much another Sheffield special on Rabbits Riddims for sesh number 70! The hardest line up of a playlist with new

Episode 69, Dutty Harry

Do ya feel lucky?... Well ... Do Ya?! Big 45 calibre riddims up this round! Been dying to run this playlist for a while but since summer happened I've been jamming to the heat, but no more as we go in cold, and I mean cold killer murderous music! All than
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