Important note: As a result of BREXIT only British residents who registered to vote in the December 2022; January 2023 registration period will be eligible to vote, even if you have voted in previous elections.

postal voting

You will need to pick up an application form, Solicitud de certificado para voto por correo from the Post Office, which are available now.

On the form you should indicate the postal address to which you want the electoral documentation to be sent (this can be your home address, your place of work or a post office box).

The Electoral Census Office will send you the following documentation to the address indicated:

  • One ballot paper from each of the political parties running.
  • One voting envelope for each vote
  • A census registration certificate.
  • An envelope with your polling station information.
  • An information sheet.

Once you have received the documentation, choose the ballot paper for the party you wish to vote for and insert it in the voting envelope.

Insert the voting envelope and the certificate of registration in the census into the envelope on which the address of your polling station is written.

Do not put any document proving your identity inside the voting envelope, as this will mean that the polling station will invalidate your vote.

Take this envelope to a post office and send it by registered post at least three days before the elections are held. Postage is free of charge. At the post office you must present an original valid ID card.

On election day, the Correos postal service company will send all envelopes containing postal votes to polling stations from 9 am to 8 pm.

At the end of voting and before the votes are counted, the polling station will place the envelopes received by postal ballot in the ballot box.

Can I change my mind and vote in person?

No. If you apply to vote by post, and your application is accepted, you will not be able to vote in person at your polling station on polling day.



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