Noche de San Juan, Sabinillas, 2023

Below is the programme for the Noche de San Juan festivities on Friday, 23rd June, from 10.30 pm in Plaza del Cali, on the promenade in Sabinillas.


10.30 pm. Music and dancing to DJ Turbo.
11.30 pm. Presentation by the Mayor, Jose Manuel Fernandez, and the governing councillors.
11.45 pm. Raising of the Blue Flag.
12 midnight. The bonfire is lit, followed by firework display.
12.15 am. Live music with the group ‘La Tentacion’.
2.15 pm. DJ Dani Cerdan.
3.00 am. Live music continues with the group ‘La Tentacion’.

The Mayor of Manilva, Jose Manuel Fernandez, and the Councillor for Fiestas, Rogelio Pascual, invite you all to come and enjoy this special night.

For more information about San Juan see HERE



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