On tonight’s Planet Prog I bring you 1 Wooly Mammoth, 2 Peters Singing, 3 Future Kings of England and a fully loaded Fiery Gun Hand. So Prog on at 9pm UK/10pm Spain at www.radiomix106.com


1. Utopia – Trapped
2. Citizen Cain – Junk and Doughnuts
3. Kayak – Mammoth
4. Peter Gabriel – Here Comes The Flood
5. Peter Hammill – Viking
6. Electric Riders -  Forward to Abyss
7. The Future Kings of England – Humber Douncy Lane
8. Abel Ganz – One Small Soul
9. Dead Can Dance – The Host of Seraphim
10. Goldfrapp -  Clowns
11. Cardiacs -  Fiery Gun Hand



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