Open up that inner third ear as we are taking a journey tonight on Rabbits Riddims as we get Mystical! Transcending from bubblers to bangers and all cosmic space in between! A few exclusive tracks from our good mate #Roguestate and other giants like #bad.zu #baytrilla #FLIRTA_D and the kings of the festival’s #mariboustate.
Rabbit’s Riddims every Friday night from 10 pm (9 pm UK time) 106 fm,

Track List

01 UK Roguestate – Mystical Sound

02 Kuno- Fuji

03 Feldub – God Complex

04 Baytrilla Ft Flirta D – Massive Irie (jafro Remix)

05 Radar Bird – Sapphire

06 Buraka Som Sistema – Hangover (bababa)

07 Uk Roguestate – Raggo Blamma

08 Kabal – What Would Of Been Track 11

09 Bad Zu – Mskvbd

10 Deerskin – Sacred Manta Mind

11 Maribou State – Pagoda

12 Orinch – Cape Canaveral

13 Liam Sam – Spash A Wod

14 Thallus – Corridor



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