Swing It With Strange! Something different but something that has been great fun putting together, in this session we go back to them 1940’s sounds but fused with DnB and Garage vibes! It’s a full on Swing Sesh and it still goes hard with some of the MCs that goes along with it. So expect a swinging party with Smokey Joe & the Kid, Mista Trick and the Dutty Moonshine Big Band and also features by Dynamite MC @ Gappy Ranks !! It’s a Party !
01 Phil Mac & Fizzy Gillespie – What’d Say 
02 Parov Stelar – Charleston Butterfly Feat Gabriella Hanninen 
03 Deluxe – Daniel Feat Youthstar (Smokey Joe Remix)
04 Mista Trick – Kormac VS Zed Bias
05 Dutty Moonshine Big Band – Distillin (Nodus remix )
06 Mista Trick – Dynamite VS Wolfgang Lohr 
07 Billie Holiday – Love Me Or Leave Me (DJ Del Santo remix ) 
08 Bobby Darrin – Beyond The Sea (Extra Medium remix )
09 Catjam – London Lingo Feat Hypeman Sage 
10 Gappy Ranks – Had Enough (Feldub Rework)
11 Dirty Honkers – Gingerbread Man
12 Smokey Joe And the Kid – 6 Feet Below 
13 Books – Stoned Love



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