Calling all hip-hop junkies ! Because I feel I neglected you on the last layed out vibes due to swinging it all hippy style as it was summer still over here in Spain.
This time it’s a full 60mins of back to back beat maddness full of Lyrical Geniuses. It’s going to take ya so high you’ll be touching the sun ! So join in as I run Riddims featuring MF Doom , Chill Bump and more.
Also including Brand new track from Verb T and Pitch 92s new Album and dropping in a real chiller from back in my day from the music masters that are Kruder & Dorfmeister ! Roll up the albino cigar and we’ll go far at the usual spot 10pm Local 9pm UK.

Track List

01 Smokey Joe and the Kid – Just Walking Feat Chill Bump (Blanka Remix)

02 Dj  Vadim – Schematics

03 Shamatic Technology – Dark Matter Feat Clarity

04 Verb T & Pitch 92 – A Question of Time

05 Shamatic Technology- Kettle Black Feat Goldmund

06 Coops – Odyssey Feat Elz

07 Dabrye- Lil Mufukuz Feat Doom

08 Tumi & Chinese Man – Pills for Your Ills

09 Czarface – World Premier Feat Large Professor

10 The Herbaliser – The Blend Feat What What

11 The Mouse Outfit – Blaze Up Feat Sparkz (Flofliz Remix)

12 Kruder & Dorfmeister – Bug Powder Dust

13 Groove Armada – Suntoucher



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