Mikey Gosling donating 160 to Saint George Charity

At the end of November, popular local barman Mikey Gosling discovered that his bicycle, his only means of transport, had been stolen from the underground garage where he lived.
Facing a future on Shanks’s Pony, Mikey was furious, but fortunately his boss at Kinsale’s Bar Restaurant in Duquesa Port set up an online GoFundMe page and thanks to the generosity of the local community, over 1200 euros was raised and Mikey is mobile once again.
As the fundraiser had raised more money than was needed to purchase the bike, Mikey split the balance between Adana and the Saint George Charity.
A group of St George volunteers were enjoying a social get together at Kinsale’s today, and Mikey took the opportunity to hand them 160 euros towards the Charity’s Christmas Campaign.



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