Flamenco Show in Manilva

On Wednesday, 16th November, 2023, from 7.30 pm, the Civima Theatre in Manilva will host a Flamenco Show to celebrate International Flamenco Day.

Performances will include singing, guitar, palmas (clapping), cajon and a flamenco group, all performed by Manilva’s Municipal School of Music, Dance and Theatre, in order to pay homage to one of Spain’s most traditional art forms.

Entrance is free until full capacity is reached.

The International Flamenco Day is celebrated every November 16 since UNESCO declared it Intangible Heritage of Humanity at the Congress that took place in Kenya in 2010. Since that year, November has become a special month for the entire flamenco world; although, for obvious reasons, it is particularly important in Andalucia, the cradle of flamenco art in all its disciplines: singing, playing, dancing and instrumentation in many styles.



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