V Saborea Manilva

The Plaza de la Vendimia in Manilva will be the stage for this year’s annual Saborea Manilva food fair, from Friday 2nd to Tuesday 6th December, featuring local producers of typical food and drink along with traditional music and dance.


Friday 2nd December

7 pm. Inauguration of Saborea Manilva and tasting of ham and local wine.
8 pm. EMMDT dance performance.
10 pm. Performance by the group “Son de aire”.

Saturday 3rd December

1 am. Opening of the Fair and Stands.
11 am. Manilva Wine Contest.
1.30 pm. Tasting of participating wines.
2 pm. Free casserole.
2.30 pm. Wine Contest awards ceremony.
5 pm. Parrandas meeting.
10 pm. Performance by the group “Long Play”.
12 midnight. Tribute 80 and 90 with “Dj Óscar de Pablos”.

Sunday 4th December

11 am. Stands open.
11 am. Guided tastings “Taste of Malaga”. (Until 1 pm.)
1 pm. Popi ham cutting charity contest.
3 pm. Free paella.
6.30 pm. Performance by local group “En su punto”.
8 pm. Music with “Dj Pollo”.
10 pm. Performance by local group “En su punto”.

Monday 5th December

11 am. Stands open.
12.30 pm. Visit to CIVIMA and presentation of local wineries to the hospitality sector.
6 pm. Musical theatre “Simba to Kiara” (Lion King Tribute) for the benefit of Luisana.
Multiple Use Pavilion.
10 pm. Performance by “Flamenco Compass”.
12 pm. Music with “Dj Pollo”.

Tuesday 6 December

9 am. Viñas de Manilva Trail (4 km) with Club Los Kruos.
11 am. Stands open.
11.30 am. Tasting fried cakes.
12 noon. Reception of dishes for the Pastry Contest (until 3 pm.)
12 noon. Salsa Workshop “Carlos Come and Dance”.
1 pm. Bachata workshop “Manu Not Just Salsa”.
4 pm. Award of prizes for the Pastry Contest.
6.30 pm. Performance by “La Zambombá de Manilva”.



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