I am so happy to announce that from today Its A Way Of Life has a sponsor in the form of Liquidator Music. Liquidator, who are based in Madrid, have been dedicated to Jamaican rhythms since 1997 and as well as having an on line shop selling the best in Ska, Reggae, rocksteady and soul, they have been recording and releasing records for some of the greats, Roy Ellis, Ken Booth and the Ska-Talites to name but a few. Get yourselves over to www.liquidatormusic.com to check out the wide range of Vinyl, Cd’s Books and other merchandise available for sale. Its not all Ska and reggae though, if you like these shows then you will find something you like, Northern Soul, Jazz, blues and 60’s tunes can all be found in store. 

On tonight’s show we will be taking a look at some recent releases on the Liquidator Record Label with great music from Mango Wood, The Crepitans, Alpheus, The Oldians, King Hammond, and more.

For the first time on the show we will be highlighting the Liquidator Record Of The Week which this week is a track called Rude Boy, from the new album Spread Love by a band from Brooklyn, New York called the Top Shotta Band 



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