Five skaters from the Manilva Skating Club/Jenni’s Skating Academy travelled to Fasano, Italy, to represent Spain at the World Inline Figure Skating Championships. They competed against top skaters from 16 countries, including Ukraine, Italy, Moldova, Ireland, France, the Czech Republic, and Great Britain.

In her first-ever competition, 8-year-old Summer Jones won a Gold medal for Spain with an exciting and vivacious performance, a remarkable achievement for her age.

Talented Manilva girl Maria Quiros skated her Tango Dance programme with superb style and elegance, earning a Bronze medal against a group of strong, much older skaters.

Mia Grams, Martina Flores, and Valentina Flores (not sisters) all delivered solid performances, finishing in the top half of their sections, making coach Jenni proud.

This was a very successful result for the club, Manilva, and Spain. All the girls train at the Manilva Skating Club.

For information about the next season starting in September, contact Jenni at



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