This morning, the new centre of the Spanish Association Against Cancer was inaugurated in Estepona, located at C/ Terraza No. 170.

Attending the event were Estepona’s Mayor, José María García Urbano, the Delegate for Health and Commerce of the Junta de Andalucía in Malaga, Carlos Bautista, and Mayor of Manilva, José Manuel Fernández, along with representatives from numerous local charities and associations, including Manilva’s Saint George Charity.

Other notable attendees included:

Julia Crespo, Local Board President, accompanied by Vice President Elvira Conde and a dedicated group of volunteers; Provincial President Joaquín Morales, Provincial Manager Carmen Litran, along with an extensive representation from the Provincial Council of the Spanish Association Against Cancer and presidents of other local offices in the province.

This service is available to all Manilva residents, who are encouraged to reach out. Additionally, the Delegate for Health announced that the Estepona Hospital, which directly benefits the people of Manilva, will be fully operational shortly.



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