A record 349-million-euro investment package has been announced to improve drinking water accessibility for the growing population of the Costa del Sol. The Mancomunidad, a public consortium serving eleven municipalities on the western stretch of Malaga province, launched the plan through Acosol.

The main goal is to renovate water infrastructure across these municipalities to ensure water supply, improve sewerage and wastewater regeneration, and promote the use of recycled water. The project, running from 2025 to 2029, will allocate 232 million euros to sanitation, including 46 million for pipelines, 35 million for sewerage networks, and 129 million for recycled water systems.

Another 116 million euros will be dedicated to renewing the upstream supply system, with 75 million for transport and distribution infrastructure improvements, and 29 million for water regulation infrastructure. Additionally, 8.9 million euros will be invested in energy efficiency at the Marbella desalination plant, and 1.8 million for digitizing upstream supply pipelines.

This investment comes as the western Costa del Sol’s population grows significantly, from 289,000 in 1996 to an average of 945,000 in 2023, reaching 1.4 million in summer. The proposal will be presented for approval at the next plenary session chaired by Manuel Cardeña.



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