In this Sunday’s episode of ‘It’s A Way Of Life’, and in a departure from the usual format, presenter Steve Goodey will be playing a tracklist chosen by author and Second Gen Mod, Anthony Gregory.
Tony is the Author of the book ‘Mod Revival 1979’ a fly on the wall observation of life as a second generation 80s Midlands Mod and the everyday events of both his club and the scooter scene in general 35 years ago, it begins with the strong influence from the film Quadrophenia and how it carved thousands of destinies to the lives of the post 1970s punk generation, the author was well on the way to a motorbike life style but after watching the film he was snatched back the other way to a life of scooters, parkas, and classic early 80s Scooter Rallies.
Featuring plenty of classic tracks and few rare gems, tune in this Sunday from 10pm (9pm UK time) from Gibraltar to Nerja on 106 fm and worldwide on, TuneIn, Spotify or download the Radio Mix App.



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