Are you ready to join me on a musical journey back to 1979 and one of the most influential mod revival albums of all time

Tonight, on Its A Way Of Life on Radio Mix, in conjunction Liquidator Music, as it is May 1st, I have a 2hr special showcasing a concert that was recorded live at The Bridge House, in Canning Town, London and featured 6 of the top Mod Revival bands of the time. Squire, Beggar, The Mods, The Small Hours, The Merton Parkas and Secret Affair. The original vinyl press omitted The Merton Parkas completely and only had a couple of tracks from each of the bands, however, in 2002 the album was remastered to include the full concert. 

We are of course talking about Mods Mayday ’79 

Join me for 2 hours of great music, 9pm in Spain, 8 pm in the UK. on



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