Tonight on ‘It’s A Way Of Life’ on Radio Mix, we are taking a look at the album Generation Mod. According to the sleeve notes Mod was created in 6 days. Day 1, saw the birth of Modern Jazz. Day 2, 60’s kids discovered soul, and ska and rode Italian scooters. Day 3, ,the late 70s, saw revivalists led by a fresh faced Modfather. Day 4, the 80’s witnessed the rise of independent record label Two Tone and the rebirth of Ska. Day 5, the mid 90’s, and the birth of Brit pop and on the sixth day inspired by the moderns, the suedes, the revivalists, beatniks, and brit-poppers, a new bunch of bands citing mod as their musical motivation. These bands and their fans are known as Generation Mod, and its on these bands that we will be concentrating on tonight’ The Mads, Men Of North Country, Private Jones, Smashing Time,The Third Degree, The Get Go and many many more. Join Steve for a trip through some of the great Mod bands of the 21st century. 

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