Kick back and reeelax as it’s Rabbits Riddims Layed out Vibes! Every 4th show I break away from the DnB, Garage and all that other business we usually get through and share with you my other side of passion for the music. Hip-Hop Jazzy beats and soulful sounds is the flavour. 
1 Drive that funk – Maculate B-side
2 Room in here feat The Game – Anderson Paak
3 Psychoville (feat Graziella) – Dabbla
4 Take Me With You – Lyn Christopher
5 Lie Low (feat Ocean Wisdom/DJ Sammy B-Side) – Verb T, Pitch 92
6 Racing With The Sun (Deluxe remix) – Chinese Man
7 That Jazz – Coops
8 ANGEL – Abstract Orchestra
9 Show Me What You Got – Busta Rhymes
10 Frankie Sinatra – Avalanches
11 Till I Found You – Norman Feels
12 Sit Back (feat Truthos Mufasa+Black Josh) – The Mouse Outfit
13 Lite Spots – Kaytranyada
14 Don’t Cry For The Fallen – BJX
15 I Want You – Marvin Gaye



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