The first event for dog lovers and their furry friends is coming to Casares Costa. It will take place next Friday, June 21st, starting at 6:00 PM, at Jardines del Rosario. This initiative is part of the “Leave a Positive Mark, Not Droppings” campaign, organized by the Casares Town Hall in collaboration with Comunicación Al Dente, to raise awareness about pet care and the importance of picking up dog droppings.

Guau Fest: A Gathering for Dog Lovers

Friday’s event will include booths with products for dogs, talks on training and regulations, and participation from the canine unit of La Línea and the K9 company, which trains assistance dogs for children with disabilities. Topics such as the Animal Welfare Law, picking up droppings, nutrition, behavior, and cancer detection through canine olfaction will be covered.Additionally, there will be children’s workshops (face painting, balloon twisting with dog shapes, a visit from the Paw Patrol), a food truck with food and drinks (including hot dogs), and some giveaways with the “Casares Dog Lovers” label for all attendees who bring their dogs. The event is free and open to the public at Jardines del Rosario (Casares Costa).

Expert Presentations from 6:30 PM:

  • Salvador from DADS: Will provide information about the DADS Program (Animal Dignity-Social Dignity), how to pick up dog droppings without suffering consequences, basic command training, and an exhibition on canine cancer detection through smell.
  • Martina Sotogrande Dogs: Canine ethology specialist, will talk about modifying canine behaviors.
  • KA Salud Integral: Will offer talks on dog nutrition.
  • Local Police of Casares: Will provide information on dog-related regulations.
  • Local Police of La Línea: Will conduct a drug detection exhibition with the canine unit (GOCAN ISIS).
  • K9 Málaga: Working with the 2030 agenda and the new animal welfare law, they train dogs for people with disabilities.
  • Booths Veterinary clinics, grooming services, dog photography, food stores, books and accessories for dogs, associations, animal shelters, etc.

Complementary Activities

On Monday, June 17th, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM, there will be an informational stand at Plaza España in Casares. At this stand, several campaign gifts, flyers with penalties and regulations, and the presence of two experts: Salvador from DADS and a canine trainer will be offered. Visitors can get information, gifts, and training on droppings regulations and canine behavior. On Tuesday, the stand will move to Secadero, at the same time (Plaza de la Paz).
Additionally, during the summer school in Casares and El Secadero, other complementary activities such as special scavenger hunts, crafts, and visits from a local animal shelter with veterinarians will be conducted to teach children how to care for their pets.



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