The General Secretary of the Partido Popular of Malaga, Jota Carmona, surprised the attendees with the proposal of José Manuel Fernández as mayoral candidate for the 2023 municipal elections.

Just across the road from Plaza de la Vendimia, at the entrance to Calle Mar, the PP party of Manilva has opened the doors of its new headquarters. The inauguration was attended by Jota Carmona, general secretary of the province of Malaga, and was a resounding success with members, friends and supporters of PP Manilva and other municipalities such as Casares, Estepona, Marbella, Fuengirola or Benalmádena, among others, in attendance.

Jota Carmona thanked the large audience for their presence and took the time to chat with all of them and confirm that a wide range of  political sensitivities were represented at the event, which he thanked for “the opportunity offered to the Popular Party to expand, not only its representation but to demonstrate that we are a party with open doors to all those who want to transform Andalucia as the regional President, Juanma Moreno’s team is doing”.

Carmona also thanked the new team in the municipality “not only for the work they have done, which has been substantial, but also for the patience with which they have carried it out” in reference to the important changes in the local party in recent times with the replacement of the previous leader Francisco Miguel Alvarez.

Jota Carmona and José Manuel
Jota Carmona and José Manuel

Jota Carmona’s late-night surprise came when he called for José Manuel Fernández to join him, whom he “thanked for his perseverance and patience” in bringing this new project to this present moment and proposing his name as the mayoral candidate for the May 2023 municipal elections.

José Manuel Fernández highlighted in his speech the support of all those present at the event and made clear the lines of what his path will be, assuring that “the Manilva Partido Popular will be found on the street, listening to the public’s concerns, working with humility on projects for the future of Manilva, in a positive manner and never in confrontation”.

Juani Ortiz Vargas as councillor on the local government and José Miguel Ahumada, the general secretary of the PP in Manilva, organised the event at which the Provincial Coordinator José Eduardo and Jota Carmona both received a gift made with materials removed from the beaches of the municipality, these works that bear the “stamp” of local artisan Jesús Coronil in which it is “a commitment of our party not only for local artisans but also for the environment and recycling”.

The Partido Popular of Manilva thanks each and every one of the individuals and businesses who, through their donations, made possible an event that has “cost us very little” thanks to their collaboration. Thanks to Muled Sound for their technical assistance and experience in organising this type of event, to the Town Council of Manilva, to the Local Police for their work, to the young people who were in charge of the service and to each and every one of the team who have worked hard for weeks so that everything was perfect.



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