After last weeks show, about the current batch of solo artists and bands that could be classed as Modern Day mods, the listeners raised some interesting points about some of the bands that were included, but more importantly about the ones that were missed out. So tonight we are back for round two and another selection of recent bands from around the world that can be seen to be carrying the Mod banner forward into the 2020’s and beyond. Again, not everyone will agree with the choices made and there are bound to be some bands that have been missed off, but come on, join me tonight to make your own mind up. Yes I have over run my 1hr slot again, but there were too many great bands. To cut the show short would have been a travesty. Listen in tonight to hear songs from The Cycle Paths, Idle Talk, The Turning, Missing Andy, The Rifles and many more
 Join me worldwide on, or on the radiomix106 app 9pm in Spain, 8 pm in the UK



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