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Back in 2004 Manilva Life was created to provide news and information for English speaking residents and visitors to Manilva and surrounding areas. This was in the days when Facebook was in its infancy, and it wasn’t so easy to find information and answers to those all important questions like “where’s the best place for breakfast” or “where do I go to register on the Padron” at their height the Manilva Life forums had some 4,000 members.
Then in 2006 we launched ‘The Resident’ newspaper and website and the decision was made to focus on The Resident website as it covered a wider area, but the Manilva Life Forums were still very active, but this began to wane with the advent of Facebook Groups and the wider adoption of Social Media.
In 2014, the decision was made to discontinue Manilva Life and concentrate our efforts on The Resident and the Manilva Coffee Chat Group.
In 2020 The Resident and a local Spanish publication La Voz merged to become La Voz del Resident, which whilst still a bilingual publication began to focus more on the Spanish speaking audience. Whilst continuing to operate La Voz del Resident, we feel now is the time to relaunch Manilva Life, with its focus on Manilva and its English speaking residents and visitors.
Another reason for the decision is to cater to the 30+ percent of adults who don’t use Facebook, providing them with access to the information and news which can currently be found Manilva Coffee Chat.


  • The Manilva Life Forums have been reestablished for people in and around Manilva and Casares, who choose not to have a Facebook presence, to be able to discuss local issues, events, activities, sport, etc.
  • To post or comment on the Manilva Life Forums you must register. If you choose to adopt a ‘handle’ or pseudonym rather than your real name as your username that is okay, but you must put your real name in your ‘signature’. This is to reduce the activity of trolls and keyboard warriors who hide behind their anonymity.
  • These are community forums and as such treat local business as part of that community, that being said we will not allow pure advertising on forums as yet. We will be looking at advertising possibilities in the near future, but for now adverts will be removed.
  • The administrators reserve the right to remove any post without entering into discussion. The same rules apply to people with items for sale.
  • We live in a multicultural community, and for many members English is not their first language, so please bear this in mind when posting or commenting as cultural differences and language misunderstandings can cause offence where none was intended. Also please remember to use the ‘Emojis’ to add that essential ‘body language’ missing in online conversations.
  • Posts attacking individuals, or private businesses will be removed, this is not Tripadvisor. If you have a grievance then please pursue it through the correct channels.
  • Please respect other members’ opinions and keep discussions civil, admin will not tolerate abuse by any member to others on here. I don’t think I need to add references to racism, homophobia, etc., we’re all grown ups here and understand that this is unacceptable.
  • There are plenty of other platforms who seem happy to tolerate this kind of behaviour so we suggest you take yourself over there if you feel the need.