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Back in September 2006, the first issue of The Resident was published. Founded by local businessmen Gary Beaumont and Gary Walters, the first issue was a 16 page, English language newspaper, which was to be published monthly.
Within a couple of months the paper had doubled to 32 pages, and in 2008 due to popular demand The Resident became a bilingual publication in Spanish and English.

In 2016, after a brief period of Spanish ownership, The Resident was taken on by The Duquesa Charitable Society of Saint George, still under the Editorship of Gary Beaumont, and in 2020 merged with a local Spanish publication ‘La Voz’, run by José Manuel Fernández, to form ‘La Voz del Resident’ as it is known today.

Here you can find the La Voz del Resident website

And here you can find the old The Resident website