Every Monday night from 10pm/9pm UK time, take a trip to Planet Prog hosted by Progressive Rock and all round music enthusiast Mark Crocker. 
On Planet Prog you will hear the echoes from bands of the Classic Prog Rock era as well as being brought up to date with the New Prog’s on the Block. So strap yourself into your Prog Pod and glide across Topographic Oceans to Planet Prog where our mantra is “I’m Prog and I’m Proud” so never deny your Prog.


1: Camel – Sing Within a Song 
2: Genesis – Counting Out Time 
3: Strawbs – Lay a Little Light on Me/Hero’s Theme 
4: Yes – South Side of the Sky 
5: UK – In the Dead of Night 
6: King Crimson – Red 
7: Gong –  
8: Jethro Tull – Fylingdale Flyer 
9: Killing Joke – Adoration 
10: Knifeworld – Don’t Land on Me 
11: Mew – Carry me to Safety  
12: Tool – Schism 



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