“A town of vineyards and sand, of fishermen and of people dedicated to the most famous grape that perfumes the air of its streets. Its gastronomic richness preserves the virtues of the sea and the mountains from where its endless beaches can be seen. Bosco Benítez, takes us to meet Nina Ledesma who teaches us two traditional recipes: stewed potatoes with skate and pinch cake. Before preparing them, we visit a family business, Frutas Pascual, the home of Cati Quirós grapes; we sail with a fisherman from the Castle , Luis García in search of the perfect catch, we walk through the charming streets of this town with artist Pepe García as our guide; we discover the artisan work behind the vineyards and we end up treading the grapes in the traditional way after the harvest with Esther Rodriguez”.

You can see the full programme here: www.canalsurmas.es/videos/59264-tierra-de-sabores-manilva-06112022



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